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Repair and MRI Equipment Room Remote Monitoring!

We specialize in Philips CT, MR and PET/CT and also repair Siemens CT and MR. Our price and performance is second to no one. Our engineers are Philips, GE and Siemens OEM trained. We also have the third party experience to work on systems without a service key which is difficult without experience.

MRI Equipment Room Remote Monitoring

We will remotely monitor your Chiller, Gradient Chillers and Cold Head Compressor*


If your Cold Head Compressor goes off and your not there you could loose thousands of dollars in Helium  over a holiday break or over multiple times a year. With DAS ERRM  you can be notified within Minutes!  We can install it in one day. *Wireless or a wired internet connection will be needed.

Parts, we currently stock GE Light Speed Siemens MR Symphony Philips Brilliance and Siemens Sensation CT parts
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 We source parts and let you pay the direct cost to them, if we don't have them. This will save you the extra markup most companies charge. Significant savings on Philips MRC tubes !


Preventive Maintenance and Inspections
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We perform complete PMs to the OEM’s standard. We perform inspections on Philips/ Siemens CT, Philips PET/CT and Philips/Siemens MRs..


System Sales and Installations

We offer Philips CT, MR and PET/CTs for sale. We also provide installation of these systems. 

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CT MR and PET-CT Service Contracts (no one beats our prices on Philips)

PM Only Contracts

Service Only Contracts

Full Service Only Contracts

Technical Support

We provide free limited technical support over the phone and many cases we can analyze your error log after you send it to us. Need an IP addres changed? Let us help you over the phone.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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